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What Soda Odor

Problem: What sodas will they guess? Will a person guess all of the sodas? Will they just guess one soda? Will the people only guess the name brands?

Observations We noticed that the volunteers are having trouble figuring what soda to guess for Sprite, Coke, Cola, 7 up and Lemon Lime. The flavors they guessed correctly so far are Orange and Sunkist. Also, it takes them a while to give us an answer.

Interpretation Of Data We now know that Orange and Sunkist were the only sodas that they could guess correctly. They guessed Orange right four times and they guessed Sunkist right one time.

Identify The Variable We are controlling the amount of people. We are changing the soda brand.

Test Your Hypothesis Step 1. Gather the materials. Step 2. Pour the soda into 24 plastic cups. (each soda into 4 cups). Step 3. Get 4 people. Step 4. Put a blindfold on each person. Step 5. The people will smell each soda. Step 6. Record the data.

Further Wonderings What if we would have used all fruit sodas? Would they have guessed more sodas correctly? Like when they guessed all Orange sodas, would they guess grape soda too?

Conclusion We were incorrect because the orange soda was guessed more and it was the generic brand. We thought that the people would guess the higher named brands like Coke and 7 up. But Coke was hard for them and so was 7 up.

Hypothesis:We think the higher the brand the more people will guess it correctly, but the lower the brand. then less people will guess it.

Theory: We learned that the soda correctly guessed the most was orange. We think the reason is orange is a fruit and the smell is more familiar. With Coke and the other sodas there is nothing else that smells like them. So it is less familiar.

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