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M & M Hunt

1. First we will need six groups of ''prey'' by counting and placing equal numbers of M & M 's in to seprate bags. 2. Place all the colors of the M & M's into each bag. You need 20 of each color. There should be a total of 100 M & M's in each bag. 3. Prepare different habbitats with six large pices of paper (white, red, yellow, green and brown.4. Gather together predators. 5. Explain the rules. 6. Put the first habbitat down in the middle of your group of predators. 7. Pour one of your bags of M & M's out on to the paper. 8. Set your timer for ten seconds. 9. Say, Go! and start the timer. When the timer beeps, everyone should stop eating M & M's . 10. Count the M & M's that are left on the paper and record the colors left in a data table in your lab notebook. 11. Repeat steps 6-10 for all of the other colored paper '' Habitats''.

State The Problem: What color M & M's will be eaten the most?

Hypothesis: We think yellow will be eaten the most because it is a bright col.or and it stands out the most out of all the M & M's.

Theory: From the information that we learned has proved that the color of the paper that the M & M's are on affects the amount of M & M's that you eat.

Conclusion: We were correct because we thought yellow M & M's would be eaten the most because it stands out the most.

The variable we will control is the stopwatch, the bags, and the construction paper.The variable we will change is the M & M's.

Observations: -The M & M's tasted real good. -There were different colored M & M's. -The M & M's were different shapes.

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