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The Mayan Empire

The Mayas Social Structure included The Ruler, The Noble and Priest, Merchants and Artisians, Peasants, and Slaves.

The Ruler He ruled the state with the help of his advisors. He decided when or where to go to war. The Mayan was considered a god-king.

Merchants&Artisans Merchants in the lowlands imported valuable products from the highlands. It included stones such as obsidian and jade; copal, a treesap that the Maya used a license duuring religious cereonmies; and quetzals, birds with shiny feathers used in headdresses. The artisans made a variety of objects.

The Nobles&Priest The Nobles gathered taxes, supplies, and labor for projects like the construction of the empire. The Nobles&Priest were the only ones that reads and write. The Priests maintained favor with the gods.

Merchants&Artisans The Mayan artist created a variety of objects to use in Maya. Merchants in the lowlands imported valuable products from the high lands.

Slaves The Slaves performed manual labor to their owners Some people were born into slavery, but free people sometimes can becaome slaves. The slaves were not treated as badly. They sometimes had a easier and better life than the peasants did.

Peasants The Peasants worked hard to growing maize, squash, beans and other crops to feed the population. They spent their time building the temples and the Pyramids. They sometimes attend weddings and royal events.

DANGER!!! Mayan Empire Coming At You!!!

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