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The region of Lombardy

Duomo, the Cathedral of Milan

Castello Sforzesco

Lombardy Coat of Arms


Gorgonzola is an Italian country, not far from Milan. It was founded by the Romans in 953 a.C. Originally it was the place where they stopped with their horses. It was destroyed by Attila, the Unni’s king for the first time. During the Renaissance in Gorgonzola broke out the plague. A famous character of novel “Promessi Sposi” written by Alessandro Manzoni, spent a day in this city. Now it is a well known country with about 20.000 inhabitants.

LOMBARDY is situated in the north of Italy. It is a flat country where the most important city is Milan. It was inhabited since the II Millennium. The most important people was the Etruscan and the Celts and then arrived the Romans that extended the territory. The Longobards gave this region its name. During the Renaissance, in Lombardy dominated the dynasty of the Sforza and then in XVIII century the inhabitants were submitted by the Austrians.

GORGONZOLA TIMELINE: -953 BC: Roman’s foundation -1176: Gorgonzola and its allies win against Federico Barbarossa. -1183: Gorgonzola and the others municipalities become independent. -1575: The plague breaks out. -1853: Napoleon III spends a night in this country. -1973: Gorgonzola builds a monument to remember all the people that died during the two World Wars.

LOMBARDY’S CHRONOLOGY: -2000 BC: archaeological finding and Etruscans’s permanence -5th century BC: Celtics’s permanence. -3rd century BC: Romans’s permanence. -774: Carlo Magno add Lombardy to his empire. -From XIV century: Sforza’s supremacy. -1848: Lombardy becomes independent.

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