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In Sebia people get up very early in the morning and go to picnic with their friends. They make barbecues and spend the whole day in the country. Young people usually spend the night on "Uranak".Uranak is picnic on 1st May.

By : Mina Maric, Borko Veselinovic

The First of May

The First of May- Worker*s Day

Prvi Maj, ersten Mai, May Day, premier mai, prvi svibanj.

A lot of people were killed or wounded, and the leaders of the strike were sentenced to death. Since the beginning of XX century, on every 1st May massive demonstrations and manifestationshave been held around the world.

International Worker*s Day, May Day celebrates the memory of May First 1886 when thousands people in Chicago went out to the streets demanding better working conditions and 8-hour work time. They asked their employers to fulfill their demands until 1st May 1886.

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