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Saint Patron's Day

The Saint Patron's Day in Serbia called Slava is the Serbian Orthodox tradition of the ritual celebration and veneration of a family's own Patron Saint. In the morning the priest comes to our home and he consecrates bread and wheat with wine. Then you light the candle and leave it to burn all day. After all tradicional rituals we have guests. Usually the guests are our family and our close friends. If the Saint Patron's Day is on Wednesday or on Friday, or during the Fast, then the food we serve is not of animal origin.

Saint Arsenije Sremac Saint Arsenije Sremac was born in village Dobra, near Slankamen on river Danube. Saint Arsenije Sremac was very young when he became a monk. When he heard about works of St. Sava, he was impressed and he decided to go to the monastery of Zica where St. Sava was. St. Arsenije was chosen for archbishop when his precursor went on a long journey to Jerusalem. His biography was written by archbishop Danilo II.

Lazareva Subota(Vrbica) This is holiday for children.On that day mothers prepere the formal clothes for children.Then family goes to church. In the church parents buy bells and sweets for children.Then children make wreath and put it on their head.Wreath is made of weeping willow branches.

Isidora i Bojan

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