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Tums Time



Interpret Your Data

Problem What do Tums dissolve in the fastest, water, Sprite, Gatorade or apple juice?

Hypothesis We think the Tums will dissolve in the Sprite the fastest because of the citrus acid and bubbles in the Sprite.

Observations: Sprite fizzed immediately Powder under Tums in water Powder under Tums in sprite Water foggy in sprite Gatorade and apple juice doing nothing Water smelly Tums in Gatorade starting to break on bottom

Our hypothesis was incorrect because we said that sprite would dissolve faster but water dissolved faster.

We learned that if you don't like the taste of tums take water to get rid of the taste faster

If you don’t like the taste of Tums use water for it to dissolve faster than other common drinks

Procedure 1. Fill four cups up with one of them being water, one Apple Juice, one Sprite and one Gatorade. 2.Put the Tums’ in each cup timing how long it takes each one to dissolve completely. 3.Write down the order it took the Tums’ to dissolve.

Variables Variables that will stay the same are the type of Tums’ and the amount of liquid we will put in each cup is the same. The types of liquid we use in each cup will be different.

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