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Ball Fall

Controlled- Stopwatch, Measurement tape and where we threw from. Changed- The people throwing and what we threw.

Does weight and size effect throwing distance and hang time?

Conclusion: Our hypothesis was correct, the baseball did go the farthest but it did not have the most hang time. We were right that the middle weight object did go farthest but the light weight object did have the most hang time.

Our observations are that the wind effected the distance of the throws and it seemed to keep the balls in the air a little longer.

Our data tells us that the baseball went the farthest and the tennis ball had the most hang time because the tennis ball was the lightest and the baseball went the farthest because it was heavy enough to not be affected by the wind, because the wind was blowing in our face.

Test Your Hypothesis: We will mark a designated spot with chalk and will throw from the marked spot. Then each of us will throw the balls and record the hang time and distance in feet.

We learned that the weight and size of an object does effect distance and hang time.

We wonder what would happen if instead of going on weight and size if we went on shape, like a football, a golf ball, and a tennis ball. We could also throw the balls when the wind is not blowing in our face so the tennis ball could show its full potential.

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