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Boom Boom Egg's

Interpret Your Data Are data tells us that the pillow is the best source to save an egg and a open bag and strophome is not the best source to use to save an egg

Observations The pillow and the sand where both one of the winners that only exploded once. The styrophome and the plastic bag did not survive and broke every time.

state the problem: which contrapion will the egg not break in?

Hypothesis We think sand will absorb the shock the most because all the tiny grains will take the blow.

Identify the variables We will control the place were we drop the egg. We will change what we drop the egg in sand, styrafoam,pillow and bags

Test Your Hypotheses Put the egg and sand in a bag plastic wrap the egg to the pillow and tape it put the styrafoam in a bag with the egg drop them from the stairs an see wich one absorbed the shock the most.

Conclusion We were not correcct because we had guessed sand which almost won but then the pillow won at the end instead.

Theory: We learned that out of the materials we used that the biggest of the materials we use won.

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