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Paper Air Planes!

The variable we will keep is we will throw the paper air planes with all the same power.

Hypothesis: We think that the most complex paper air plane will fly the farthest.

The Variable That will change is how complex the paper air plane is.

Conclusion : Our hypothesis was correct when we said the most complex would go the farthest.

Theory: We learned that the hammer is the fastist paper air plane and gose amazing distance.

Further Wonderings: Our wonderings are if the other Paper air planes were as complex as the hammer would the fly as far as the hammer.

Interpret your Data: It tells you that the most complex plane will fly the farthest.

Procedure: 1: Get all of the materals . 2: We will get the paper ready to make the paper air planes. 3: We will make all of the paper air planes that we will use. 4: We will test the paper air planes one at a time. 5: We will record what we found out.

The Problem: We do not know what paper air plane will fly the farthest

Observations: That the most complex air plane will fly the farthest the hammer flew straght across the hallway. The jet plane did not go as far as the hammer.

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