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Bouncing Ballz

Identify and control the variables: We will change the height. We will control the weight we drop the balls from

State the Problem: How does changing the height from which a ball is dropped impact the bounce?

Hypothesis: We think the height will affect the bounce because when you drop a ball while standing it will bounce higher than if you bounced it from sitting down

Test our Hypothesis: 1 We will get all of our materials. 2 We will set up the tape measure. 3 We will start at the highest elevation which will be the lobby stairs. 4 We will then go to our next elevation which will be standing up by the cafeteria. 6 Lastly we will drop the ball up on the high part of the stairs. 7 We will then go to tyhe low part of the stairs and drop the balls.8 We will record the data.

Theory: We learned that when you drop a ball from a higher height it will bounce higher than if you drop it from a lower point

Conclusion: Our hypothesis was correct. The higher the height, made the ball bounce higher, the lower the height the ball didn’t bounce as high.

Observations: When we dropped the ball from a height they they all bounced in a range from 2 to 4 feet

Interpret your data: The higher you drop the sky ball, the higher the sky ball bounces.

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