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Fatastic Fizzy Explosine

Further Wonderings We are wondering if two mentos will make the soda explode higher than the sodas did the first time?

Hypothisis: We think that the Coke will explode the highest beacuse it has so much suger and carbohydrates.

State The Problem : what kind of soda will expload the highest with mint mentos .

Materials Mentos-(mint) Coke Sprite Root Beer yard sticks paper towels

Identify and Control the Variabls: Variable Control: The kindof metos we used vaibule change:type of soda we will make explosines with wich is Root Beer,Sprite,Coke

Test Your Hypothisis: 1 gather your matirals 2set up matirals 3open first soda / Sprite 4 messure highth or explosine 5 record data 6 repete step 3-5 for each 7 clean up mess with paper towles.

Conclusion: The hypothisis we had was incorrect . We thought that the Coke would go so higher beacuse of all the carbolhydrates ond suger

Observation: 1 mentos continuned to fizz after explosine stoped. 2 not as big as WE expected 3 explosie VERY foamy

Theory: We learned that some sodas (Root Beer specidficly) do not have as many air bubbles in it , so Root Beer wont expload very high.

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