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Paper Flyers

State The Problem In this experiment we will see which kind of material in the form of the same paper airplane will fly the farthest.

Hypothesis We think that construction paper will fly the farthest. We think this because this paper is heavy and it will glide far.

Identify And Control The Variables The variable we will change is the different kind of paper we use. The variable we will keep the same is the type of paper air plane.

Test The Hypothesis We will test 3 different kinds of paper to see which one flies the farthest

Conclusion Are hypothesis was totally wrong. We thought that the construction paper was going to fly the best, But instead the printer paper worked the best because the tablet paper was to light so it would do flips and crash. It would always fly to the left. But the construction paper was a heavy material. So it would fly lower and lower until it hit the ground. But the printer paper was not to light or to heavy it was just in the middle.

Theory We learned that the printer paper flew the farthest. Because it was not to heavy and not to light.

Observations In this experiment we observed that construction paper always landed on its back. We also noticed that the heavier material did not stay in the air as long as the lighter material. The last thing we noticed was printer paper always landed cleanly and smoothly.

Interpretation Of Data The data tells us that if you make a paper air plane printer paper would be the best bet. And you should NOT use construction paper.

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