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Bouncin' Egg

State the problom Which egg will bounce?

poster yourself

Test your hypothisis: We will get the materials and then we are going to put the eggs in the cups. One cup will be filled with water, one will be filled with viniger, and another filled with soda. Then we will set the timer to 5 hours while the eggs are sitting. Then when 5 hours are up we will take the eggs out. Then we will drop the eggs into the bowl one at a time. Then see what egg will bounce.

Hypothisis WeThink that the soda will make the egg bounce.

In order Ethan Noah Matt B.

Theory The big idea was to see what liquid would make an egg bounce

Observations Vinigar: Makes the bubbly and makes it float. Soda: The egg made the soda fiz more. Water: Noathing happened

Coclusion The soda bounced the most 3 times our hypothisis was wrong.

Interpritation of data: The vinegar made the egg float. The water looks like its not doing anything. The soda has bubbles floating away from it.

Identify the variables: We will control the time we put the eggs in the liquid, the hight we drop the egg into the bowl, the amount of liquid. The change is water vinegar and soda.

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