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Miles of Smiles

PROBLEM: Is smiling contagious?

Hypothesis: We think smiling IS contagious because, if somebody smiles at you without thinking your reaction is to smile back at them.

Test you hypothsis: First we gathered 5 people for everyone and went to diffrent areas in the comons. Then we all did the experiment and put done how many of the 20 people in all smiled back at us. First we smiled normaly for one round and then we smiled in a silly way.

Observations: We observed that more people smiled back at us when we smiled normally than when we smiled in a silly way since the test subjects probably knew what we were doing..

Interpretatio of Data: Our data tells us that smiling is in fact contagious because everyone eventually smiled back at all of us.

Conclusion: Our hypothesis was correct because every body smiled back at us, and 20/20 people smiled back which proves that smiling is contagious.

Theory: We learned that if you sile at sombody they are likely to smile back at you.

Identify the variables: We are changing the people and how we smile. We will control the amount of people we will smile at.

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