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The Hungry Worms

Test your hypothesis: First:Get the containers. Second:Put the soil into each container. Third:Put the foods into each container. Fourth:Put the worms into each container.

Hypothesis: We think the worms will eat the bread the most because it is the softest thing that we have for them.

Identify and control the variables: We will give them the same amount of each food. And what kind of food it is.

Observations:We saw that the worms crawled toward the coffee grinds right away when we put them in. And also we noticed that one of the worms crawled to the bread right away.

Interpret: The worms would rather eat the dirt than the food we provided but the worms were attracted to the coffee grinds more than all the other food.

Theory: We learned that the worms don't really like the watermelon that much. The worms kept buring themselfs into the holes that they dug up too!

Further Wondering: We wonder if the worms will eat the foods because they will have a longer chance to eat the foods.

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