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Jumping Distance

State the problem: Does it matter on the size of the jumper or how far of a distance you run and jump from.

Hypothesis: when the 5th graders jump we think the bigger you are and the farther you run from will be the largest jump.

Observation: They started looking exhaustedafter a couple jumps. Some were amazed how far they jumped

Identify and Control Variables: the variebles we will control are jumping where the line is. we will change the running distence and the size of the person.

Test your hypothesis: 1- Gather the fifth graders and put the tape down. 2- Let the big student go first then medium then small. 3-We would record the jumps.

Interpret your data: The bigger the person that jumpsfrom the last tape is the one that jumps the farthest.

Conclusion: Our hypothesis was correct the biggest person that jumped from the farthest tape jumped the farthest

Theory: Not all small peoplejump far but some do. The biggest person jumped the farthest.

Further wonderings: I wonder if we tested on an adult, teenager, and a tall kid, which one would jump the farthest.

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