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Pretty Colors

Problem: Does it matter how old you are to do the stroop effect correctly?

Variables: We will change the person every time but we will keep the same test.

Test your hypothesis: Step1: get the website running. Step2: Collect 15 people. Step3: Test them. Step4: Record their answers.

Hypothesis: We think the younger will get more correct then the old because they use a lot of creativity.

Observations: •They try to say it fast usually •They swing their arms and legs •They squint their eyes •Some open their eyes wide •Most breath heavy •They backup •They shake their heads •They stutter

Interpret your data: The data tells us that 6th grade had the most correct.

Conclusion: our hypothises was wrong.Because we thought the younger grades would get more right than the other grades.But instead it was reverse.

Theory: We learned even though you older can still have a creative mind.And that the older you get (up to like age 50s or early 60s. but it depends.)The more creative you can be.

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