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The Flying Fruits

Further Wonderings: We wondered how far a watermelon would go compared to the other fruits.

State the problem: Do lighter weight fruits, (strawberries) medium weight fruits (oranges) or heavier weight fruits (cantaloupes) go farther when thrown?

Identify and control the variables: Control- How far we throw the fruit. Change- The kind of fruit we’re throwing.

Hypothesis: We think that the orange will go further because an orange is like a soft ball and soft balls go far when thrown in real life.

Conclusion: Yes we were correct because our hypothesis was that the orange would go the farthest and it did.

Theory: We learned that the weight and size effect how far an object can be thrown.

Interpret your data: Our data tells us that medium weight fruits go farther than light or heavier fruits.

Observations: The strawberry felt the lightest .The orange was the easiest to throw because of its shape. The cantaloupe went the least far because it was heavier than all of the other fruits.

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