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QR codes in education

What are they for?

Some examples

How to do it

Qr codes are being used by teachers to provide extra rich information through links to movies, podcasts, text, URLs and more....

Use the codes in - worksheets with links to websites -Treasure hunts with QR clues -Enhance posters with URLs -Sheet music with links to songs -Involve parents -Promote lieracy in the library - Facilitate access to websites for young students -Students' blogs , wikis -Mini lessons -Games -Flashcards

QR codes can be easily read by free software that can be uploaded on an Ipad, Ipod or any smartphone with a Qr reader

QR codes are two dimensional bar codes that have been popular in Japan and Europe for several years: Qr stands for Quick Response

1.- Choose the text, video , link , web or whatever you want to link to through the code. 2.- Go to one of the free Qr code generator pages and paste the link , video or text. 3.- The program will turn it into a jpg format image. Just copy and paste the image wherever you want . You can also save it in desktop for further use.

Create a QR code with

Worksheet with a link to an explanation about contractions. By Jean Annig

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Tags:qrcodes, FlipShare


Tags:qrcodes, FlipShare

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