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The Skull Of Truth


Book Review

main characters

Yorik the skull of truth

Mark Evans

Charlie Eggleston


The story is about a boy named Charlie Eggleston who happened to run into Mr. Elives magic shop and is overpowerd by a human skull who reveals that he has a curse that makes people tell the truth and his past and his name Yorik. Now Charlie must save Yorik from the bully Mark Evans and give Yorik to truth.

I thought that this book was an okay one, because it was kind of weird when I first started reading it and it didn't really make that much sense.

Charlie is the character who mainly is talked about and he finds the skull of truth in the magic shop

Karen is the girl who finds out later in the story that helps out Charlie with alot of stuff and helps Charlie out with Yorik

This is the skull in the story that can talk and he used to be a king's royal fool

Mark Evans is a bully who beats up Charlie and he actually steals Yorik and tells why he bullies Charlie

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