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Invention of Hugo Cabret

This is the Automation that Hugos Dad built before he died in the fire. Hugo pulled it out and fixed it to be just like new.

--------------------Book Review-------------------------

In the Invention of Hugo Cabret, Hugo found out that his father died in a house fire, and when Hugo was sent to his Uncles house, his uncle disapired one night, and Hugo ran away and found a Automation in the house his father died in. The Automation is a robot that draws a picture. But it was broken. He fix it and finds out something incredible.

Hugo Cabret: He is very good with gears and fixing things. He also good at being sneaking and stealing without being cought.

Isibella is a girl who likes to know everything. She is very smart and loves to read. Also she is sneaky like Hugo Cabret.


Out of 10, I would give this book a 10. This book is amazing, it has it all. Drama, Mysterey, and Action. This book just keeps you thinking!

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