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The main characters in the book SCAT are Mrs. Strach, Nick, Marta, Smoke, Daune Sr., and Jimmy Lee. Bayliss.

I thought the book was grerat! SCAT gives you hints about what is going to happen then BOOM it hits you and then the book resolves. Its like everything is leading you to one chapter...and crazy things happen along the way. A lot of secrets are unvealed!!!!

You will love this book if you like animals. SCAT really gets you connected to the characters. I recamind this book to anyone!! Its really great!

Mrs.Starch dissapeared and Nick and Marta try to find her (she just happened to dissapear the day of the fire). They sneak into her house and someone was there it was Twilly. He took them to his campsite in the woods and Mrs.Starch was there. She was taking care of a baby panther read the book to see what happens to the baay panther (Squirt).

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