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West Africa

Art They were known for making baskets ans other thing they neded.The terre cotta made sculptures of human figure.In west Africa they liked to do mask.They also like to do textiles. Three well known are stamped fabric,story fabric ,and kente cloth textiles.

MUSIC Music was verry important to them it cummuicated ideas feelings and thoughts.The used it in weedings,celebrations, and many other important events. They had three main instrument.The balafon the kora and the ngoni.

Agriculture They do not harvest or sow.They only eat meat from camels.

ORAL and WRITTEN TRADITION They liked to tell stories either verbely or written. They had griots who were eople who told storie,singed or praised. They told poems often while playing a musical instrument.Alhtough they were veryy good entertainers they showed historical events. Westa africans liked to include alot of folktales in their traditions.They were passed down and normally had a value or moral. Many of these folktaes were passed down to America by slaves

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