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Hello this is a Gloster about a book called "The litle Prince" and we are going to work the writter, the book and a planet in specialy The planet of the "Bussines man" the first part is the writter`s biography, I hope you like the next Gloster.

Saint-Exupry continue write in spring of 1943, when he left the United States with American troops bound for North Africa in World War II. During the war, he initially flew a Bloch MB.170 with the GR II/33 reconnaissance squadron of the Arme de l'Air. After France's 1940 armistice with Germany, he voyaged to North America, escaping through Portugal and arriving in New York on the last day of 1940 with the intention of convincing the U.S. to quickly enter the conflict against Nazi Germany.[19] On January 14, 1941 at a Hotel Astor author luncheon attended by approximately 1,500, he belatedly received his National Book Award, won a year earlier for Wind, Sand and Stars while he was occupied witnessing the destruction of the French Army.[20] Consuelo followed him to New York several months later after a chaotic migration to the southern French town of Oppde, were she had lived in an artist's commune.[21] Between January 1941 and April 1943 the Saint-Exuprys lived in New York City's Central Park South in twin penthouse apartments,[22] the The Bevin House mansion in Asharoken on Long Island, NY, as well as a townhouse on Beekman Place in Manhattan.[23][N 7] It was after his arrival in the United States that the author adopted the hyphen within his surname, as he was annoyed with Americans addressing him as "Mr. Exupry".[3] It was also during this period that he authored Pilote de guerre (Flight to Arras)—which earned widespread acclaim—and Lettre un otage (Letter to a hostage), dedicated to the 40 million French living under Nazi oppression, plus numerous shorter pieces in support of France. The Saint-Exuprys also resided in Quebec City, Canada for several weeks during the late spring of 1942, during which time they met a precocious eight year old boy with blond curly hair, Thomas, the son of philosopher Charles De Koninck, whom the Saint-Exupry's resided with.[25][26][N 8] Saint-Exupry wrote and illustrated The Little Prince in New York City and Asharoken in mid-to-late 1942, with the manuscript being completed in October.[25] It would be first published months later in early 1943 in both English and French, but only in the United States. It would later appear in his native homeland posthumously, after the liberation of France.[27]

The litle Prince is a children that travel to other worlds and travel with a group of birds her planet was destroyed by the baobabs and is flying to other planets to find friends.

The prince arrived at the planet of the businessman, the prince greeted him good morning giving the businessman was so busy I did not even raise my head and the little prince was still insisted the businessman but followed with bills and asked the little prince that you answered the man administering the stars. The prince replied that he and the businessman did not know what to say and the little prince went away.

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