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El principito

(Lyon, 1900 - in the Tyrrhenian Sea, 1944) Novelist and French aviator, his experiences as a pilot were often his source of inspiración. The year 1926 marked a turning point in his life, with the publication of the short novel "The Aviator ". In 1943 he asked to join the French forces in North Africa and took over the missions from Sardinia and Corsica. During one of these missions, 31 July 1944, his plane disappeared in the Mediterranean. The hundred pages of The Citadel, were published posthumously in 1948.

The little Prince, now at the Earth, started to tell his history about the man that was standing at his side, “his friend” : I lived at the asteroid named B-612. It was that small that not even the scientists could see it, but I could see it easily. The asteroid had three small volcanoes, two of them were in activity, I used them to warm up my food. I used the other one, which not was in activity, as a chair. I also had a flower, which I took good care of. The day before I left, I carefully washed the three volcanoes and I covered my flower with an urn of glass to protect it from the wind and the cold. Then I went to find a friend: I arrived at an asteroid, where it lived a very unfriendly king, later I went to an other one, where it lived a man who always was in a good mood, it lived a drunk man at one asteroid, at other one lived a business man who was always calculating, at other asteroid, lived a light man, and at other a smart one. I did not like any of these men, until I arrived at the earth, where I got to know a fox, which I could domesticate. Later I left the earth and arrived at this place, where I met you. The little prince was tired in the desert and he could not find any water. He started to walk and later…….

Un niño muy aventurero

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