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The popcorn machine was origanlly a peanut roaster, but Charles ended up adding a top for popcorn making!

Long ago, when most people didn't have a lot of money, popcorn was only $0.05!



About 90% of people like regular popcorn!

Charles Cretors of Chicago invented the popcorn machine!

Charles Cretors was born to a family of chair makers! That is why he is good at inventing!

It gave many people a tasty snack to eat!

Charles Cretors was born on December 11, 1852 in Lebanon,Warre Co, Oh.

About 30% of people like buttery popcorn!

The invention is significant because it gives kid's and even adults, a tasty snack to munch on. Also, popcorn comes in a variety of flavors!

35% of people like salty popcorn!

I chose this invention because I like to eat popcorn and I thought that it would be interesting! Also, I had a great hands on project for my invention!

If the invention of popcorn was not made, then there wouldn't have been a tasty snack long ago or today! Also, there wouldn't be a snack that the poor couldn't afford long ago. Which means they wouldn't have had much to eat!

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