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Performance Task

Task 1

Task 2

b. Positive Slope: 1, Negative Slope: -1, Slope Equal to 0: 0, Undefined Slope:? c. The graph representing the descending submarine would look like a negative slope. d. The best line fit is

a. x equals how many hours, y equals the cost in total b. 45 per hour. Beacause the rate of change is the same as the slope.

Task 3

a. You start from the y-intercept then use the slope and start the line there and plot the point. b.Start from the point and continue on with the slope and plot the point to form the line. c. Using point one, count how many units it takes to get to point two, connect then connect the two points. d. Start from the y intercept and connect the the point to the x-intercept. e. 2y+3x=6 f. iTunes is selling songs for $2 and podcasts at $3 use the equation above to find how many podcasts and songs i bought.

By:Adara Gonzalez 8-02

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