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A book that is worth burning is worth reading

Правило на стр. 122 учебникаposter yourself

Особенности употребления страдательного залогаposter yourself

Exercise 1. Express the same idea in a different way. Model: I was sent a letter. - A letter was sent to me. 1. Mother was promised a holiday. 2. Kate is being shown a new flat now. 3. We have already been shown this film. 4. Granny will be offered a ticket to the theatre. 5. I was told a joke. 6. Rob was sent a note. 7. Some food was left for her.

Exercise 2. Express the same idea using two possible constructions. Model: Mary left a letter for them. - The letter was left for them. / They were left a letter. 1. The librarian offered him a very good book. 2. Mother gives me fruit and sandwiches for lunch every day. 3. Peter told his children a lot of interesting things about wild animals. 4. Father promised them a dog. 5. The newspaper paid Bill Gates a lot of money. 6. A friend offered her help. 7. My grandmother gave me some very good advice.

Exercise 3. Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker and read the translation at p.123 to ban smth to contain smth to destroy smth to be worth doing something inquisition rare spirit Nazi

Exercise 4. Listen to the conversation and aswer the question: Why were books burned in the past?

Read the conversation and mark the sentences below true or false. Support your answers with the facts from the dialogue.

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