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How will I use the ADDIE Model? The ADDIE Model will be useful for me in the next year, since I have been tasked with preparing and teaching 50 hours of professional development with the faculty at my school. We are moving into a 1:1 computing solution in the upper grades, and using a mobile laptop cart in the lower grades. The teachers will need to learn how to implement the Chromebooks into their lessons. In addition to using the laptops in the classroom, I will implement my final project for the class in our summer professional development session. The teachers will learn to keep their classroom web pages updated.

Response to Branch's Book I was a little frustrated in reading Branch's book. The language he used was completely different from that of "The Design of Everyday Things." I prefer reading text that actually has a high amount of the "Voice" trait (according to the Six-Trait Model). Branch didn't do that for me. Yes, there was a lot of information gained. However, I could go on YouTube and find videos that woud also explain the ADDIE process in simpler terms.

Using the ADDIE Model with Students I will also be able to use parts of the ADDIE model in planning instruction for my major units of study. We utilize a tool called STAR Testing at our school which is a test to gauge the reading level of our students. We can use these test results to see if there are any gaps in the reading levels of our students, and adapt instruction as needed. Some of my teaching responsibilities will be changing next year, so I fully intend to use ADDIE to help me create new units and new areas of instruction.

The ADDIE Model

The Different Stages of ADDIE The most important aspects of ADDIE that I will take with me are the creation of authentic assessments, and performance objectives. I want to make sure that the students are going to be able to reach specific targets in their learning, and we need to make sure that each evaluation and assessment we give them is authentic and focused on the goals and objectives that were presented at the beginning of the unit or lesson. When I create rubrics for the Web 2.0 projects I am planning for next year, I will be able to keep ADDIE in mind and make decisions based on tried and true methods.

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