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Step ONE - Research the locations

New Orleans!

Rio di Janeiro!

Nice, France!

Step TWO - Find a flight & a hotel

Step THREE - Convince your parents!

Type a letter to your parents, persuading them to let you go to Mardi Gras this year. Give at least 3 reasons why they should let you go. Include your "itinerary" (what you plan to do on your trip), where you are going, where you will stay when you arrive, your flight information, and how much your trip will cost.

Imagine you are planning a trip to Mardi Gras! Research the destinations, flights, and lodging (hotels). Include that information, including costs, in a letter persuading your parents to let you go. Your letter should be one page, double spaced. It is due next time. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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