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Good Afternoon! Get ready for a great science class!

You will accomplish the following today: 1. Use the questions you answered on your wiki page to inform your readers about your assigned pollutant. Put the information in one or more text box. 2. Think of at least one more question you still have about your pollutant. Add the question(s) in a separate text box. 3. If you have extra time, you can add pictures, video, and/or audio files. *Please be sure that ALL INFORMATION is present BEFORE adding all the fun bells and whistles that Glogster has to offer! 4. Save your Glog. 5. If there is time, post your Glog to your team's Ecosystem wiki page. We have many "experts" who can teach you with posting your Glog to your wiki page.

Our Goal Today: You will create a POSTER to teach others about your assigned pollutant using our class Glogster account.

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