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Glog by:Nash Book By:Lensey Namioka

In the begining:In the begining this kid named Peter is always buried in a book. Everyone thought he was a nerd until halloween he dressed up as Dr. Lu Manchu and after that he wasn't a nerd anymore. Then oneday a girl named Angela looked through his garage window because there was a rumor going around that he was bilding somthing really cool in there.

Time Machine: So she looked in and saw a shower stall with a seat in it. Then she heard a voice behind her it was peter so he showed her the time machine. The bad part about the time machine was that you could only stay in the future for about 4 min. and whatever you brought back went back in a matter of time. So like a week later she asked him if he fixed so you could stay longer in th future he said yes and you could stay there for 7 min.

Angela feels bad:At the end of the story Angela asks to use the time machine peter said yes you can she used it to get the latest school magizine witch had all of the winners of the science fair. She got the magizine read it quickly and it disipered right befor her eyes. At the science fair she thought she had cheated because she looked in the magizine and thought it wasnt her story.

In the end: In the end she had figured out she had wrote the story. She was very realeaved. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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