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Impressionism Music vs. Romantic Music vs. House Music

-came into its own at the beginning of the 19th century. -Music from this era sounds almost boundless and free from any limitations of form. -Much of this music is programmatic—that is, it is meant to describe something, perhaps a scene in nature or a particular feeling. (from

Romantic Music

Impressionist Music

House Music

The aim of Impressionist art was to suggest rather than to clearly draw objects. mpressionist music does much the same thing, focusing on creating a sense of the piece's topic by using blurred harmony and delicate shadings of sound rather than relying on standard forms and a strong, clear rhythmic beat. There is an air of mystery, magic and wonder that surrounds Impressionistic music. (from

House is uptempo music for dancing, although by modern dance-music standards it is mid-tempo, Electronically generated sounds and samples of recordings from genres such as jazz, blues, disco, funk, soul and synth pop are often added to the foundation of the drum beat and synth bass line. (from

Directions: 1. Read the information about each of the 3 styles we are comparing. 2. Listen to the excerpts of each style example by clicking the audio button 3. Answer the questions provided in this link or by your teacher: YOUR ASSIGNMENT

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