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Pancakes By: Diane G. Silver Glog By: Mardann

The book Pancakes is a book that is based on the future. In the future they have no aplienses and they only eat pellets and do not eat real food. So one day a girl named Ari was about to go to school. before she goes to school she say's goodbye to her grandma and when she went to say goodbye her grandma was stairing in to the distance Ari asked if her grandma was ok and her grandma said yes i was just thinking of pancakes, Ari asked what are pancakes? Her grandma said they taste like buttery clouds and after her grandma told her about pancakes she had to researched them .

She researched them in the school lab and then Nikko the new kid came in because he seen that she was researching pancakes and he invited her to come with him to make pancakes . He was already going to his uncle's so he thought that she could come after they were at his uncle's house and after they made pancakes Nikko's uncle gave her every thing Ari needed to make pancakes for her grandma . In the end Ari made pancakes for her grandma and then they all loved and new about pancakes.

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