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Made By Ethan and Barrett

Greg Kenton Sold his own comic books. They were called chunkey comics. He sold them for 25 cents.

Lunch Money is made by Andrew Clements

Greg's comics are called chunkey comics because they are the size of a credit card and not as flumsey as the comics they sell in the stores. The first comic he wrote was called Creon the Return of the Hunter.

The Money that Greg makes at school he spends it on supplies for his comics. Greg was interested in comics when his dad showed him all of his comics. His dad's collection was over 10 thousand dollars.

Later on Greg thinks of more comics and the are called Creon, Eeon, and Leon. Eeon is a superhero in the future. Leon is fairly normal modern age guy and he finds out that his watch can take him to the past with Creon or the Future with Eeon

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