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So after there walk Connor took all the dogs back to there owners.

Dog Walker, Inc By: Christine M. Calson

Book By: Christine M. Calson Glog by: Bryleigh

He Dogsitted 2 basset houds named Samo and suzie, 3 Chihuahuas Lupe, Ramon and Chica. He also walked a Saint Bernard names Gussie.

Connor walks peoples dogs for them. So he can earn money for a dog of his own.

First Connors goes to Mrs. Garcias house to take her 3 of her dogs to walk. Then he went to Mr. Wongs apartment to pick up 2 more of his dogs he also had to walk. There was a lady that saw his business and and wanted him to walk 1 of her dogs. which made 6. Mr. wong couldnt was take his dogs for walks anymore because he had arthritis.

When they were on there walk it got all out of control because all the leashes got tangled. There were also kids that were playing soccer and Gussie tugged then he got lose and took the kids soccer ball. The woman there had a box of crackers for the dogs and to get Gussie back. They finally got Gussie back.

When Connor got home he sat at the kitchen table by is mom and talked to her about the walk. He said that he blew it because all the dogs tried to get loose. It was crazy. He said he would rather have a cat then a dog.

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