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How To Write A Great Journal Entry

#1 Write the title at the top of the page.

Click here for the bingo board in pdf format.

# 3 Write 5 sentences about the book you read. (This is what you read in your 20 minutes of reading one day) USE THE BINGO BOARD TO CHOOSE WHAT YOU'LL WRITE!

#2 Write 2 words you didn't know when you read them. Then, write the page # you found that word on. Example: diligent pg. 10 remnant pg. 13

#4 Write a prediction or a question you have about the book you’re reading. You must back this up with evidence from the story! Example: I think that Nancy will talk to her friend Joe about the note she found, to find out who wrote it. I think this because she knows that Joe is very good at solving mysteries.

Don't forget! Journals are due at the beginning of every month!

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