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Craig Kielburger (con.) By: Dominic Ghiglione

Other Organizations and Projects Free the Children is just one of the organizations that Craig and Marc have founded together. The other two organizations that Craig and Marc have founded are: Me To We: is an organization founded in 2008 in Toronto, where their headquarters are based. It started out as one simple thing, a book. Me to We means living your life as a socially responsible global citizen and believing a better world is possible. Me to We donates half of its annual profit to FTC to help build schools, buy medical supplies, and help support others who are less fortunate. Me to We sells products such as jewellery and necklaces that are not made by child labourers. The people who make these products are paid well to help support their families too. We Day: is a day of movement and change across the world. It features speeches by famous musicians and activists such as Mia Farrow, Jane Goodall, Al Gore, The Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, The Dali Lama, Greyson Chance, The Degrassi: Next Generation Cast, K’naan, Michael Sheen, and Marc & Craig Kielburger. We Day events go to some of the major cities in Canada and showcases a daylong event with some of these special guests.

Mia Farrow and Al Gore speak at a We Day event in 2010.

The Trip To Asia Craig had raised enough money to build a rehabilitation center in India but he wanted to know what else needed to be done. In order to do that he needed to experience first-hand what people are dealing with in other countries. He decided to take a seven-week trip to South Asia and see what children are suffering through and what to do about it. He had traveled through India, Thailand, China, Pakistan, and smaller countries where there has been minimal financial support to its people. So how did a twelve year-old convince his parents to travel halfway around the world? The answer was a trusted family friend named Ilam who served as Craig’s guardian and cameraman. One shocking moment for Craig was when he found a 7 year-old removing caps from used syringes that were used by surgeons and drug dealers. A man supervising the seven year old explained that when she cut herself, all she did was wash her hands and did not get any medical attention whatsoever. Craig realized what he had to do help children.

The Beginning of a Movement After Craig's trip to Asia, the media explored his journey through his films and interviews with other child labourers. He discussed what children are forced to do in long periods of work and what they should do to help those children. Many other kids his age were inspired by his work and decided to make their own FTC chapters at schools. Thousands of youth from North America were drawn to this global network of children helping children. These different FTC chapters help send badly needed school supplies and health kits to families that are too poor to buy them. With the money from garage sales, car washes, and other fundraisers, FTC was able to pay for teacher’s salaries because the people were too poor to pay for them. With the money he received from the Ontario Federation of Labour, he built a rehabilitation/education center for children who were freed from child labour in India. Today FTC is active in over 45 countries, has built over 650 schools that are used by more than 55,000 children everyday. Over one million people now have access to safe clean water, health care and sanitation facilities. FTC has also initiated alternative income projects that help over 30,000 families in those countries.

Achievement, Awards, And Public Life Craig has received numerous awards and achievements and has appeared on multiple talk shows by himself and with his brother. He also has a public life that spans from television episodes to city news. Here are some of the many awards that he has received starting from the age of 12: •The youngest person to receive the Order of Canada. •The youngest recipient of the Reebok Human Rights Awards at age 13. The Nelson Mandela Human Rights Award. •The Top 20 Under 20 Award •Many other awards and honorary degrees in law, leadership development, and an education degree from The University of Alberta, University of Guelph and Nipissing University. •In 2010 when the G8 and G20 Summits were held in Toronto, he was a special correspondent with CP24 News to interview people about the summit and what the leaders should do differently based on their problems at hand. •He appeared in a episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation as himself where a student decides they want to help Free The Children with projects in Africa. There was also a special documentary episode of Degrassi featuring Craig after the Haiti earthquake in 2010. •Craig and Marc also write a social activism column titled “Global Voices” for the Toronto Star and Vancouver Sun every Saturday. •In October of 2010, Kielburger’s Shameless Ideas special event aired interviews with activists, singers, and actresses about their lives and how they started with activism which took place in front of a high school audience. • Over the years, Craig and Marc have been on talk shows with celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, George Stroumboulopoulos, Steven Colbert, and other major celebrities in the U.S. and Canada. Oprah has partnered with Craig to create her “Angel Network” building 100 schools with Free The Children in Africa.

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“A lot of adults used to say, ‘Wait until you’re older, until you get a good job, until you become an adult – then you can change things.’” Craig Kielburger

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