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Just for Fun! What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Science Provide students with four animals. They choose which one to represent then give 2 to 3 examples of the animal that they chose.

Math Provide students with four angles: Straight, obtuse, acute, or right. They think of a real world object that includes the angle.

Language Arts Students decide what season of the year they think is the best. Then support their opinion with details.

Reading Decide on four genres you want students to focus on. After students pick their genre, they are to write the title of 2-3 examples they think fit the genre. Discuss in corner.

Social Studies Give the name of four Native American Indian tribes. Students share what they wore, used as weapons, lived in, etc.

Four Corners 1. Students are given four choices. 2. Students record their answers. 3. The teacher designates one corner for each choice. 4. Students travel to the appropriate corner. 5. Students pair up and discuss answers.

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