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A Noble French Patriot

Book By Alexandra King

Glog By: Melia and Delaney

Gilbert du Motier the Marquis de Lafayette was a Patriot hero. He was born in France in 1757 on the 6TH of September. He was almost two when his father was killed in a battle with Great Britain. His mother went to France and took him to a boarding school. His mother and grandfather died within a year. With his parents death came the money. He inhrited the title marquis with his family members deaths. He was one of the richest Noblemen in France. On top of that he was only twelve years old. Lafayette married and had children with his wife. He heard about the colonies and their trouble with Great Britian. He wanted to help. He met with a colonist who was visiting France called Silas Deane. He requested the position of general in the American army in exchange for money to help the American cause. Silas reluctantly agreed. When the king heard about this he was mad! He forbid of this. If Great Britain heard that one of his French Noblemen was with the Americans a battle will be held. And the peace will be ruined with there life long enemy. Lafayette finally left France on April 20 1777. After a chase around France on horse back, he finally left for America.He was rejected at first, but he eventually he was submitted into the American army as a major general. He got light troops. In his first battle on September 11, 1777, America's troops gaurded Philidelphia. The British surrounded them. Lafayette took his troops to help. Cornwallis attacked American lines. As soldiers began to get out of order, Lafayette got off his horse to restore order. He was a hero. He was so busy with his troops that he didn't notice when a bullet hit him in the calf. He died in 1834 at the age of 76. Many cities, parks, lakes rivers and towns are named in his honor.

MORE fun facts! Lafayette's grave is covered with soil from the Battle at Bunker hill!

Fun Facts Delaney was born on April 20. That is the same month and day that Lefayette sailed for America!

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