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Can't You Make Them Behave King George

Book By: Jean Fritz Glog By: Taylor, Julia, and Mardann

King George came to throne and the government needed money. They had the idea to tax the Americans. In 1765 a stamp tax was made. It put a tax on special papers in America. Then the Americans refused to pay the tax. This infuriated King George.

In 1767 the government taxed America again. The tax was on lead, paint, and tea. Some Americans in Boston dumped a ship full of tea into the Boston Harbor. The Americans offered to pay for the lost tea. King George was so infuriated he closed the Boston Harbor port. Then took away Massachusets right to govern itself.

The war stayed until finally King George signed a peace proclomation.

For the last 10 years of King George's life he was in a purple bathrobe. He was violently ill.

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