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Glog by Melia

George Washington

King George

For more facts, go to and find our section on the Revolutionary War!

King George was having some trouble paying the bills after the French and Indian War. Someone suggested to tax the Americans. Why not? the actual battle was fought on American soil and for the benefit of America, so why not make them pay? King George thought that it was perfectly logical. The American's didn't thnk so! they protested, andwhen taxed tea reached the Boston Harbor, they dumped it overboard. King George was furious. He closed Boston Harbor. That tax was a huge mistake, and King George lived to regret it! It lost him the colonies. Fun Facts: *King George collected clocks, ship models, watches, and coins. *He made metal buttons. *He had a zoo for his wife. It had one zebra and one elephant. *For the last ten years of his life, he had a disease called porphyria. The affects are that your mind is affected. He spent the last ten years of his life in a purple bathrobe. He died at age 82.

When he was 11 his father died. He decided to stay in Virginia. He lived on a farm and stayed behind so he could help his mother run it. At age 15, he began a career as a surveyor. Surveyors measure land to find boundaries. He also wanted to build canals using the Potomac River. During the French and Indian War, he fought alongside the British. They considired themselves better than him because they were born in Britian. Washington had sucess against the British in his first battles at Fort Ticonderoga and Boston. Later, the British captured New York. On Christmas Day, Washington's troop crossed the Deleware River and attacked the British, which was a HUGE help winning the war. George Washington served two terms of presidency and refused a third one. Fun Facts: *He had false teeth made of hippo and elephant ivory! * He had more than 300 African-American slaves. He wanted them to be free once his wife died.

Revolutionary War

I got my info from: A Home at Mount Vernon by Jonathan Stein Can't You Make Them Behave, King George? by Jean Fritz Thank you for reading my glog!

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