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Dangerous D Dangerous crossing

Captin Tucker new more then 24 gun frigate. They had a dech more then 100 feet long. the passage ways were cramped. Johnny and his father found there clean cabin.

Once they put out to sea Johnny seen that the waves got bigger and he got a strange feeling. He was writing in his diary then he wrote sea sickness. The next day a calmer sea inproved everyones mood. Johnnys dad returned to the deck for a fresh air.

March 24, boston seen the coast of Europe soon reached port in france. Johnny survived storms and seasickness.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BY Stephen Krensky Glog by Bryleigh and Devin

Young Johnny Adams was going to sail to France with his father. Soon they were waiting off shore when they arrived. In there baggage they had 2 fat sheep, 2 hot dods, one barrel of of apples, five bushels of corn, some chocolate, sugar, eggs, paper, quills, a double mattress, a comfotable and a pillow to go on there trip.

Captain Tucker saw three ships and British frigates. Bowing to the enthusiasm, the captin ordered the Boston closer.

The father was writing in his diary and he wrote that the powder and balls were by the guns then he wrote that everything was ready to begin action.

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