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Cottages, Houses and Huts

Today houses in the cities can be really big. They usually don't have lots of land around them and they have chemicals to stop insects from eating the wood. They have got more materials to build with also, matirials plaster, wood,brick and more

The houses in the olden days were made from wood, clay, brick, stone or concrete. Later they would use paint and decorate their homes.

In the olden days their homes used to be small and simple houses. The cottages were smaller. They decorated and were very creative. They had different types of furniture.

Did you know that houses could have been 1 room. If they put straw on the roof they would then put mud on top of it to stop the air and rainfrom going in the house.

Hut's A hut is a small, little cottage. They are made out of straw, bamboo,wood,mud or sticks.Most of the time they are smaller than cottages.


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