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While Pete was driving to the park, they saw Lindy's parents, who had Samantha's troop. Lindy's dad pulled over to a vista point where they could see the ocean. To their amazment the ocean was moving backwards! A humongous wall of water rose up and smashed into Crescent City. Their massive fule tanks exploded into flames. The next day, they walked through town. The tsunami had destroyed over 1,000 cars and left the town in ruins for nearly 30 blocks. The fuel tanks were still burning. They agreed that they could clean everything up if they started now and worked hard.

The End!

Night of the Killer Waves

By Carmella DiMartini

Glog by Melia

On March 27,1964, in Crescent City, California, Lindy Morris, Audrey and Alicia Travis, and Pete Delano sat in Pete's blue Impala in the drive in theaters, watching King Kong.

After the movie finished, they were driving out an saw a man named Don Dillon in his Ford. He told the kids that the whole downtown was covered with water! A giant wave had hit.Petk it out.e reluctantly agreed with Lindy and the others to check it out.

An earthquake in Alaska had triggered a series of tsunamis in Crescent City. When Lindy and the others got to where the tsunami had hit, Lindy went to her aunt's Cafe. Her aunt explained that her parents were worried about her and her sister, Samantha, whose scout troop had gone camping in Redwood State Park. Lindy was worried because Redwood State Park had four campgrounds. Three oampgrounds in the forest and one on the beach, where the tsunami had hit.

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