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The Evil Dragon

The Evil Dragon Once upon a time there lived a dragon called Spike. He was red with a few black patches. He lived in a village tahat had a mountain in the middle of it. Spike lived on that mountain. Every morning at 8:00 he would blow some fire. There is a girl who walked up the hill she was 8 years old and she was called Eloise. She loved playing sport. At the the top of the mountain she saw a dragon. She can walked up to it and said what is your name and the dragon said Spike. Then Spike asked what her name was she said Eloise. Then they were friends. Eloise's mum said she had to be back in an hour. She had to go back. She didn't realise the dragon was evil. When she got up after she had lunch the dragon nearly put her on fire. Then she ran back home. Her Mum said why are back so soon. She said she naely got burnt. The drgon was so sad he never blew fire again. He was to sad to play so he went into his cave and cried. Then Eloise walked into Spikes cave and then spike said i am sorry for blowing fire at you. Eloise was still mad at spike so spike asked if they could go play together Eloise said yes. They went and played together Eloise jumped on spikes backand then spike flew into the sky. Then they were friends again. They went on a holiday and some people lived it was two familys. Every day they walked to school the dragon who lived there tryed to burn them with his flame. He was called zac he was red and he was 13 years old. Eloise and her Mum left they liked it better at home. THE END


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