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By:Roger Morrell Glog by:Brianna

Sugaring Weather

While Sam and Pa were sugaring a bad blizzred was starting so the horse's legs were wore out so one fell down and it made the other one fall down to.

While the blizzred was going on they had to find a place to stay warm,protected,and get some sleep for the night so Sam said how about the cave we had are picnic in, so they went to the cave and they had been scared by the bear bones.

Sam and Pa went sugaring.

When Sam and Pa came home there was Ma and Phoebe standing infront of the door Ma said we were so worried about you. When they got in the house Phoebe asked Pa how much syup did you get pa said about 40 gallons, Sam said you can make a bunch of things with all this syup, Phoebe said lets make some thing and Ma said I got a better idea lets get some sleep.

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