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The dragon story

There was a knight called Alex. He was the bravest knight ever. Someone asked Alex if if he could be a knight. His name was Kevin. The knight said, 'no, but you can be a spy.' Alex said, 'get more more friends to be spies!' I asked my friends if they wanted to be a spy. Kevin's friends said yes. Kevin's friends were Josh, John, Jamie, Joshua, Kyle, Sean and Jack. Josh, John and Kevin got guns and gadgets. There was a dragon flying in the sky and it was green and it had yellow. they killed the dragon with our guns. After they killed the dragon another dragon came from the sky. The second dragon was even harder. Only Kevin, Josh and John could only kill the dragon, because they were the stongest spies ever. They went to fight the dragon. When the dragon saw us he blew fire at us. they then got some swords and hit him. They got some guns and shot him, but he didn't die. When they got a rocket launcher the dragon flew off to New York City. When they went to New York City the dragon flew off to Aberfoyle Park Campus School. When they got there, he destroyed the school. They got billions of rocket launchers and shot the dragon. The dragon died and everyone said spy team, spy team , spy team. the president gave them some badges and they got billions of dollars and they got a Terizmo. They were the best spies in the world. They got a big house and they had billions of gaurds around their house. Even in planes. they got lots of rocket launchers. They got lots of spy gagdets and they got a gold mine. The spy team was better than Alex. The spy teams name was Dragon Killer.

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