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What is it?


By; Wajahat Ali Teacher: Ms: Meglio Class: Media Studies

How Can You Stop It?

History and Facts


How to know if you are a victim

Stealing another person's identity (pretending to be someone else)

This involves taking possession of your personal data (ex. name, address, credit card number, etc)

Identity theft provides the thief benefit with that person's name.

Avoid spam mails that ask for your personal information

Make sure you are on trusted sites when purchasing online

Dont login to bank accounts at public locations

Don't share your personal information on the net

File a report to your local Police

Secure your mail box, so no one else can steal from your mail box

Don’t keep all of your financial information in one place

Equifax and Trans Union alone receive over 1,800 identity every month.

The term "identity theft" was discovered in 1964

Thousands of people are victims of identity theft every year

Research has shown that identity theft is more common now than in the past

Identity theft did not start from Internet, It started way back where people would go through other people's garbage and found information (ex. from bills, and other documents).

Your personal information can be used to open credit card and bank accounts

On average for a person to recover from identity theft, it costs around $8,000

It is important to who you give your information out

Protect your credit and debit card receipts

Regularly review your credit

You get a call that your application has been approved or denied but you never applied for it

You stop receiving credit card statements or any of your mail

Credit card statement includes purchases you didnt make

Report the fraud

Protect your credit report

Regularly review your credit

Its becoming one of the most fastest growing crimes in the world

Watch Video On Identity Theft:

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